5 Podcasts for Spanish Majors

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Podcasts Spanish Majors Should Subscribe To

  • Audiria
  • Coffee Break Spanish
  • SpanishPod101
  • Podcast in Spanish
  • Notes in Spanish
Majoring in Spanish is a very exciting choice. It is chock full of culture, and it literally requires becoming bilingual. As with any major, the most successful students are those who immerse themselves into the subject matter, rather than just showing up to class and reading textbooks. Unlike with every other major, studying Spanish language and culture is like taking little mental vacations. These five podcasts for Spanish majors are exciting and informative at the same time.

1. Audiria

The first podcast on this list made number one for a reason. Audiria is a Spanish major’s best friend. It was created by a pair of brothers from Málaga who genuinely just wanted to spread a love of Spanish language and culture. The episodes are organized so that listeners can choose the level and linguistic topic most relevant to them. The lessons run from very basic to highly advanced, making Audiria a constant academic companion throughout the entire degree program. Language lessons are infused with culture and witty dialogue. Audiria provides excellent exposure to the unique Castilian accent and grammar.

2. Coffee Break Spanish

Designed for beginning and intermediate Spanish speakers, Coffee Break Spanish is essential for freshman and sophomore majors, as well as juniors and seniors looking for an enjoyable refresher. The podcast is hosted by both a teacher and a student, making them highly relatable. Lessons cover all the basics, such as ordering food and navigating new cities. Their conversations are fun and full of culture as well as grammar and vocabulary. Each episode is only 15 to 20 minutes long, making Coffee Break Spanish a great choice for the walk to class and back and the downtime in between.

3. SpanishPod101

One of the first lessons Spanish majors learn is that Spanish is not one-size-fits-all. There are twenty different Spanish-speaking countries across the globe, each with their own unique vocabulary, grammar, culture, and accents. SpanishPod101 was designed with the goal of helping listeners experience as many different Spanish dialects as possible, through the telling of fascinating stories from each culture. Language levels of the episodes range from beginner to advanced, so there is something for every Spanish major at every step of the degree program. This is also a great podcast to listen to when deciding where to spend some time studying abroad.

4. Podcast in Spanish

One of the biggest challenges for non-native speakers is being able to comprehend everyday speech. It is one thing to be able to carry on scripted conversations about basic topics in the classroom. It is a whole other skill to follow fast-paced conversations that include colloquialisms when you never know what turn the topic will take. That is where Podcast in Spanish comes in handy. It is exactly what it says, a podcast that happens to be in Spanish. This means that it covers a wide variety of topics as discussed between friends. Unlike in real-life conversations, listeners can rewind and re-listen in order to reinforce their skills until they are ready to take their Spanish out in the real world.

5. Notes in Spanish

There is a couple in Madrid named Ben and Marina. They have teamed up to create Notes in Spanish, a fun and quirky series of conversations on just about everything. Ben is English, and Marina was born and raised in Madrid. This podcast is great for Spanish majors who are working on integrating into the worlds of Latin American and Spanish language and culture. Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with a couple of old friends. Related Resource: 10 Most Affordable Bachelor’s in Spanish Degrees Online These five podcasts have three things in common: they are free, they appeal to all levels of Spanish speakers and they offer fun ways for Spanish majors to study both language and culture. Many of their websites even include worksheets and vocabulary lists. Take a break from the top 40 and tune into these podcasts for Spanish majors today.

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