5 Top Paying Careers with a Bachelor’s in Spanish

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5 Bachelor’s in Spanish Careers

  • Spanish and ESL Teachers
  • Spanish Translators and Interpreters
  • Tour Guides
  • Global Marketing Professionals
  • Foreign Correspondents
A Bachelor’s in Spanish degree can qualify you for many different careers in a wide range of industries. From education and travel to business and the media, there is a vast array of career choices for persons with Spanish degrees. We discuss five of these careers below. Each of these positions provides great wages and are in moderate to high demand today.

1. Spanish and ESL Teachers

Perhaps the most common career choices for graduates with bachelor degrees in Spanish are teachers who teach Spanish or English as a second language. Spanish and ESL teachers can be found working in both private and public schools on all educational levels. Their primary responsibility is to teach Spanish to English-speaking students or English to Spanish-speaking students. Other daily tasks of these individuals may include:
  • creating lesson plans
  • tutoring individual students
  • assessing student progress
  • grading assignments

2. Spanish Translators and Interpreters

Spanish translators and interpreters is another great paying job with a Bachelor’s in Spanish. These individuals are needed by a broad range of:
  • private companies
  • government agencies
  • non-profits
They convert English to Spanish or Spanish to English in both written and oral communications. Some Spanish translators and interpreters choose to work independently. Others may be employed by:
  • large corporations
  • social service agencies
  • charitable organizations
  • hospitals
  • court systems
  • legal offices
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs are in high demand today. They’re expected to grow by 18 percent until 2026.

3. Tour Guides

Another top paying career to consider with a bachelor degree in Spanish is that of a tour guide. Tour guides are employed by travel agencies in the United States and in Spanish-speaking countries. They provide guided tours to tourists. Depending on their employer, tour guides may provide walking tours or tours by way of a bus or a boat. While conducting tours guides:
  • point out areas of interest
  • discuss the history of various locations and monuments
  • answer any questions that tourists may have
Tour guides are also employed by such organizations as:
  • museums
  • state and national parks
  • animal reserves
  • historical sites

4. Global Marketing Professionals

Have you earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish? If you’ve also had  training in business you may want to consider obtaining a position as a global marketing professional. Global marketers work with the marketing teams of large and small companies. They help them create marketing messages and materials that will be effective with global audiences. Other organizations that often employ global marketing professionals include:
  • government agencies
  • non-profit organizations
  • research facilities
  • educational institutions

5. Foreign Correspondents

Foreign Correspondents are also among the top-paying careers for people with a Bachelor’s in Spanish degree. These professionals typically work for the media and travel to different countries to research and report news of interest. To obtain a position as a foreign correspondent, applicants may also be required to have varying degrees of training and education in journalism or written communications.  Some foreign correspondents may choose to work independently as well. Related Resource: 20 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Foreign Language The Spanish-speaking community is growing at an ever-increasing rate in the United States. Employers in many industries need employees who can communicate in Spanish. In fact, a Bachelor’s in Spanish opens the doors to many exciting careers including the ones we’ve described.

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