5 Reasons to Pursue an MBA

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5 Advantages of Having an MBA

  • Building Skills and Knowledge
  • Required in Some Industries
  • Good for Entrepreneurs
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Changing Industries
Some people may wonder whether they have the right reasons to pursue an MBA. An MBA is a significant commitment in time and money. It  it may seem like it would be more efficient to learn the same things on the job. However, an MBA can still provide some advantages that on-the-job training cannot. Here are five of them.

1. Building Skills and Knowledge

Many people may wonder what skills and knowledge they can build in an MBA program that they cannot build on the job. The bottom line is that the workplace and the classroom have two very different goals.  While companies have an interest in training and mentoring their best employees, that is not their primary function. An MBA gives students the opportunity to ask questions and pursue knowledge in an environment that is entirely dedicated to that aim. Some studies have also shown that MBA programs can build confidence.

2. Required in Some Industries

In an era when college dropouts go on to build tech empires, MBAs might seem obsolete. However, as Forbes reports, some industries still require them. This includes most financial fields, such as investment banking, as well as the arts. Even in areas where an MBA is not required, it might be that extra edge needed for a promotion.

3. Good for Entrepreneurs

A workaround for an industry that requires an MBA might seem to be starting a business.  Not all successful business owners have MBAs. But having one can significantly improve a person’s chances of success. Having an entrepreneurial spirit is an excellent reason to pursue an MBA. Many entrepreneurs may have great ideas but little business acumen. Or they might be knowledgeable about certain elements of the business world but not others. An MBA provides big-picture knowledge and context that can be invaluable to people hoping to run their own companies.

4. Networking Opportunities

Some people cite the networking opportunities as being the primary reason to pursue an MBA. Many would say that building a strong network is as much a sign of success in an MBA program as making top grades. The strength of any one MBA program’s networking opportunities can be assessed in several ways. Among those are looking at placement rates for graduates. Another is exploring alumni organizations in the area where a person lives or hopes to live. Having prestigious faculty on staff may also be a good sign. Related Resource: 30 Best Online Bachelor’s in Finance Programs

5. Changing Industries

Some people want to switch careers. Others have experience in just one business area. They may want to pursue an MBA in order to shift their career focus. A person who wants to take skills from another industry into the business world can enhance those skills with an MBA. Let’s say someone is an expert in marketing. Or maybe human resources or accounting. An MBA can give them a broad background and understanding of the business world that their specialized knowledge does not. Deciding whether or not to return to school for an MBA can be difficult. But look at it from the perspective of a long-term investment in a career. Earning an MBA gives you
  • knowledge
  • qualifications
  • networking opportunities
  • new horizons

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