How Long Will It Take to Earn My MBA in Finance Online?

mba in finance online

Going to graduate school is a lot of work, so you want to know when that time and effort will pay off. The average degree completion time varies from one  degree program to another. Some online Master of Finance and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs take just as long as an on-campus full-time graduate program. Others can be completed several months sooner. Still others are intended for part-time students and have longer average degree completion times than traditional full-time programs.

Online Programs with Traditional Degree Completion Times

A traditional full-time MBA program takes about two years to complete. Many of the best online Master of Finance and MBA in Finance degree programs take just as long to complete as their on-campus counterparts. If you study online at Kaplan University, for example, you can typically expect to complete your MBA in Finance degree in two years.

Online programs offer more flexibility in terms of when, where and even how you study. However, legitimate online degree programs require just as much work as the face-to-face classes in a traditional program do. Studying online won’t necessarily mean that you will get your degree faster – at least, not unless you choose a school that offers an accelerated program.

Accelerated Programs to Help You Graduate Sooner

If you’re looking for a way to earn your Master of Finance or MBA in Finance degree more quickly, then it’s important to choose a degree program that fits your goals. This can require a little more research during your college search, but the reward of graduating sooner makes that research worthwhile.

If you really commit to your studies, you can earn the online Master’s in Finance degree at Northeastern University in as little as 16 months. This means getting out into the workforce sooner. Depending on when you start and finish your degree, you might get ahead of the rush of students graduating at a traditional time.

Self-Paced Programs for the Part-Time Students

What if you’re not able to put in the hours to study full-time? Online part-time graduate degree programs in finance can help you earn the degree eventually, but since you’re taking fewer classes or credits at a time, it will take you longer to earn a degree.

It’s not unusual for a part-time MBA program to take three years to complete. Sometimes it takes longer. Part of the benefit of a self-paced program is that you are able to take just a class or two at a time, if necessary, to inch your way closer to a degree.

One consideration part-time students should keep in mind is that some schools only give students so much time to finish their degree requirements.  Otherwise, they can lose all of the progress they have made over the years.

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