5 Lucrative Careers in Computer Science

5 of the Most Lucrative Careers in Computer Science

  • Technology Manager
  • Digital Transformation Leader
  • Data Science Administrator
  • Software Development Supervisor
  • Chief Technology Officer
Technology continues to transform how we access and interact with products and services.  Because of this, there are more lucrative careers in computer science available. A computer science degree specialization will help with career stability and opportunities. Some of the most popular degree options include:
  • game design
  • data science
  • artificial intelligence
  • human-computer dynamics
Here are five of the highest paying jobs in computer science.

1. Technology Manager

Technology managers wear many hats. They may be involved with anything from interdepartmental projects to proprietary product research. They often oversee supervisors who may be in charge of:
  • programming
  • engineering
  • software design
Technology managers may be asked to:
  • acquire suppliers
  • oversee department activities
  • lead process improvements
  • provide technical guidance to executives
Some technology managers focus externally. They develop new relationships and maintain partnerships with partners and stakeholders. Others focus internally and help with research and development.

2. Digital Transformation Leader

One of the newest highest paying careers in computer science involves digital transformation. Executives in fast-growing sectors need help to redesign services and redeliver online outcomes. Digital transformation leaders work with management to digitize:
  • business access
  • transactions
  • delivery
They accomplish this by updating product lifecycle strategies as well as customer service management objectives. For example, they might work on a project to offer customers account access through cloud technology. This would provide new data analytics and tracking opportunities.

3. Data Science Administrator

There are exciting new lucrative careers in:
  • data science extraction
  • analysis
  • management
IBM reports that big data and data mining are now important competitive advantages for companies to use. Data science administrators promote:
  • data-based decisions
  • deep customer insights
  • solutions that drive profits
If they have human resources duties, they’ll be expected to hire, train and mentor small teams of data scientists and analysts. These teams might create:
  • analytical frameworks
  • business analytics strategies
  • predictive models to guide product decisions.
5 Lucrative Careers in Computer Science

4. Software Development Supervisor

Computer science, smartphones and smart technology now go hand in hand. More and more companies need technology that will improve:
  • cloud services
  • media streaming
  • network security
  • real-time communication
They must also be comfortable:
  • challenging business norms
  • executive opinions
  • customer expectations
They do this to provide:
  • simple solutions
  • enhanced experiences
  • improved deployments
Other software development supervisors work in abstract terms. They identify what programmers need to create today to resolve future customer service and operational problems. Related Resource: 20 Best Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science

5. Chief Technology Officer

One of the most lucrative careers in computer science is the chief technology officer (CTO). CTOs are responsible for a much broader array of duties. They may uncover new product, service or industry insights. They may collaborate with cross-departments like:
  • finance
  • marketing
  • operations
They must have excellent communication skills because they create and update:
  • plans
  • policies
  • procedures.
CTOs must excel at educating and exciting company management about technology solutions. Some CTOs use the traditional approach of reverse engineering solutions by focusing on customer needs and complaints. There are many more lucrative careers in computer science available to those with:
  • the technical knowledge
  • industry expertise
  • inspirational leadership
Some of the highest paying job titles include:
  • IT director
  • transformation architect
  • marketing analytics manager
  • chief information officer (CIO).

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