How Important is a Portfolio in an Online Graphic Designer Bachelor’s Degree Program?

How Important Is a Portfolio in an Online Graphic Designer Bachelor’s Degree Program?

As you explore the opportunity of majoring in graphic design, you will hear about the importance of an online graphic design student’s portfolio. A graphic designer’s portfolio is a collection of your highest-quality work. Portfolios often focus on visual art, but may also include media like animation. Graphic designers continue to develop their portfolios throughout their careers, starting when – or even before – they begin their undergraduate design studies.

The Portfolio for Admission to Graphic Design Program

At some schools, your online graphic design student’s portfolio becomes important even before your studies begin. To get into some graphic design degree programs, students must turn in a portfolio of their best artwork, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Typically, these programs require a portfolio so they can determine if you have enough natural creativity and artistic ability to succeed in the program. It’s important that aspiring graphic design students take basic art courses in high school to develop their skills. However, undergraduate programs usually don’t expect students to be highly trained in graphic design concepts and practices at the time they apply for admission. Students should, however, follow all guidelines provided by the school and strive to create a portfolio that has a professional appearance.

Cultivating a Portfolio During College

One of the most important purposes of studying graphic design in college is developing a marketable portfolio. You use to demonstrate your abilities and sell your design services to clients or employers, according to U.S. News & World Report. An online graphic design student’s portfolio is something that develops over time. Students create visual art by hand in studio courses such as drawing and illustration and with the help of computers in classes such as advanced digital lab. They select their best work from these courses – as well as during their free time and internships – to include in their portfolio. Some graphic design programs require students to submit a portfolio of their work as a final project in order to graduate from the program.

A Professional Portfolio

What makes an online graphic design student’s portfolio so important? The professional portfolio is the way you will prove your abilities to prospective employers or clients. The samples you choose reflect both your ideas and how you bring them to life. “Employers rely heavily on a designer’s portfolio” when they choose a candidate to hire, according to the BLS.

From the time you realize that you want to pursue a career in the arts, it’s important to not only develop your skills by creating art, but also to curate a collection of the work you have done. An online graphic design student’s portfolio should always be growing and improving, from the time you first begin building a portfolio throughout your studies and your career.

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