5 Character Traits of a Graphic Designer

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5 Character Traits of a Graphic Designer

  • Artistic Talent
  • Comfortable With Technology
  • Excellent Communication
  • Time Management Skills
  • Creativity
Graphic designers use digital tools to create images, logos and other graphics and having the following graphic designer character traits will help ensure success in this career. Graphic design allows for a mix of creativity, technological use and human psychology, and anyone who enjoys the visual arts may do well in this field. These five character traits of a graphic designer should be kept in mind by anyone considering entering this field of expertise.

Artistic Talent

Natural artistic talent is a necessary character trait for a graphic designer. While talent cannot be learned, it can be honed over the years. Many graphic designers develop a unique style that is instantly recognizable as their work. Others are more of a jack of all trades and are capable of offering a wide range of design styles. There is room for both of these types of graphic designers in the profession, but those who like to stick with one style may need to be proactive in seeking clients and maintaining client loyalty.

Comfortable With Technology

Graphic design is done on computers or mobile devices using specific software. A successful graphic designer should be comfortable with using different operating systems and software packages. They should be willing to stay up-to-date with software changes. They may need to try out new apps and software options to stay current and relevant in this line of work. They should also be knowledgeable with creating designs that are accessible, responsive and ADA-compliant.

Excellent Communication

Graphic designers have to understand exactly what their clients want. They should also be able to convey their thoughts and ideas to the client. A person who works in graphic design should possess both excellent written and oral communication. Those who work in cities may have increased success if they are bilingual. This would allow them to create graphic designs and texts that could be used in publications in more than one language. This type of ad would be a boon to a business that serves a diverse community.

Time Management Skills

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, time management skills are another top character trait for graphic designers. Most graphic designers will work on several projects at the same time. Those projects will usually have different deadlines. A solid ability to prioritize tasks, eliminate distractions and stick with a timeline will ensure client satisfaction with the work. Time management skills are also important for managing time wisely when meeting with clients in person or on the phone.


Sometimes, a new approach is necessary to capture the attention of consumers. A key character trait of a graphic designer includes the ability to be creative and a willingness to try new things. They should have the skills to create new designs for their clients. Those designs should set the client apart from their competitors. The designs should also inspire the viewer to take action. Great design is memorable and recognizable, and consumers will associate it with the business. These are not the only character traits that a graphic designer should possess to do well in this line of work. They are important and will help ensure that the person is a good fit for the field. These five graphic designer character traits also help identify who will do well in this career. Related Resources:

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