5 Industries That Are Hiring Graphic Designers

5 Industries That Are Hiring Graphic Designers
  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Computer Systems Design
  • Design Services

Plenty of industries are hiring graphic designers. There are a number of career paths for students who pursue an online bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Graphic designers develop images that convey messages and ideas. The ability to do this is valuable in a wide range of industries.


One of the industries that are hiring graphic designers is manufacturing. Piecing together parts of a product might not sound like an artistic job, but the industry has its creative aspects. Some graphic designers develop the look of the product’s packaging. They combine the right images, wording and layout to attract buyers. Other graphic designers play a role in designing a product that looks good and functions well. Graphic designers who work in manufacturing may have job titles like “industrial graphic designer.”


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In the publishing industry, graphic designers create the images.These include  advertisements and logos that appear in printed works like:

  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • books

They design the layout so that the content is easy to read and eye-catching where appropriate. Print publishing has historically been an industry where graphic designers were in demand. The trend toward digital publications is changing that. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates graphic design job opportunities to drop by 35 percent over just a decade. This includes:

  • newspapers
  • periodicals
  • books
  • directory publishers

Still, publishing jobs are out there – especially for graphic designers who have the skills to design digital media as well as print layouts.


Advertising is another industry that is hiring graphic designers. Graphic designers who work in the advertising field typically work for an advertising agency. Or they are self-employed and do design work on a freelance basis. In an advertising role, graphic designers develop the visual illustrations and animations that seamlessly combine the images and text.

Computer Systems Design

Unlike print publishing, computer systems design is among the industries that are hiring graphic designers at increasing rates. In fact, the BLS predicts that graphic design jobs in computer systems design will rise by 21 percent over a decade. This increase in career opportunities is a result of the popularity of the Internet. Graphic designers who work in computer systems design develop website layouts and the digital media used on those sites.

Design Services

Of course, as a graphic designer you don’t  have to limit your skills to only advertising or websites or printed materials. Specialized design services is still the industry that is hiring the most graphic designers, according to the BLS. One in five graphic designers is self-employed, designing images for clients in any number of industries.

Among the industries where aspiring graphic designers who earn their degrees may someday work, are:

  • manufacturing
  • publishing
  • advertising
  • computer systems design
  • design services

This is according to U.S. News & World Report.

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