How Long Will It Take Me to Earn a Master’s in Marketing Degree Online?

masters in marketing degree online

When you’re pursuing a graduate degree to boost your career, it’s no wonder you’re in a hurry. After all, the sooner you earn your master’s degree, the sooner you can get a promotion or switch jobs to start a career you’re really passionate about. It typically takes a couple of years of full-time study to earn your graduate degree. If you choose to earn your master’s in marketing or Master of Business Administration (MBA) in marketing degree online, however, you could cut several months to a  year off of the time it takes to graduate.

Save Time Earning Your Master’s in Marketing Online

About 18 percent of online college students choose a distance learning education because they want to earn their degrees faster than they would on campus at a traditional school, EdTech magazine reported. Not every online master’s in marketing or MBA in marketing program will have a shorter completion time than a traditional program. However, many online institutions offer one or more features that can speed up the time it takes to earn your degree.

Some online schools have accelerated courses, where a semester’s worth of lessons is packed into a period of just six to eight weeks. Often, online colleges offer numerous start dates throughout the year, so you can begin earning your degree right away. Do you already have any college credits? Choosing a school with a generous transfer credit program will allow you to apply those credits toward the degree you’re currently seeking.

The Best Quick Online Master’s in Marketing Programs

Some of the best online master’s in marketing and MBA in marketing programs in the country provide an outstanding education in less time than you would have to spend at a traditional college.

For example, Strayer University’s quarter system divides the year into four 11-week terms. Students can complete more courses during a single year than they would be able to do at a school with a semester-based academic calendar.

Three-credit courses at St. Leo’s University are just eight weeks long This compares to the 16 to 18 weeks in takes to complete a class of equivalent credits at a brick-and-mortar school that follows a traditional semester-based calendar.

If you’re looking for a way to speed up progress toward your degree without sacrificing the quality of your education, choosing an accredited, highly ranked online master’s in marketing program can help you meet your goals.

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