What are Some Research Grant and Scholarship Opportunities Available for Sociology Majors?

Sociology is the study of both society itself and its accompanying development. The field is full of opportunities for research. Students of all levels have almost limitless directions for ideas in sociology research.

With the financial burden that goes along with university study in the United States, students may not have the wherewithal to perform their research in addition to their course studies. Some entities provide scholarships or research grants to sociology students, however. The scholarships don’t necessarily have to be for research but rather simply for sociology students.

What Scholarships Are Out There?

The National Pathfinder Scholarship provides three awards of up to $2,500. These awards can be earned by either undergraduate or graduate students in sociology. It’s for those who plan to work with addicts or go into a subsection of the field that studies medical research and its effect on society.

The Davidson Fellowship Scholarship isn’t for sociology students, per se, but it includes a category for “outside the box.” The award is for high-school students who show exceptional skill, foresight, and perseverance while creating a worthy work of some kind. A student who exemplifies the qualities sought by the committee and whose “outside-the-box” thinking on sociology can earn up to $50,000.

For graduate students, the Beth B. Hess Memorial Scholarship is available to anyone pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology. These students must have spent at least one year at a community college or other two-year program that was not part of a co-curricular high-school program. The award is up to $15,000.

Of course, there are dozens of other scholarships available. space constrains their listing here.

What Kind of Grants Are Available?

The American Sociological Association offers stipends and small grants to fund students’ research programs in sociology. One of the chief grants the Association provides is called the Community Action Research Initiative Grant. It funds up to $3,000 of direct expenses associated with the research.

Another is the Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline. This grant supports students whose research is in the advancement of sociology itself. The committee evaluates each application for the grant based on its innovation and feasibility, among other criteria. The maximum award is $8,000. This grant is highly competitive and is open to established sociology professionals as well as students.

For graduate students looking to perform research or even study abroad, the Universität Bielefeld provides such an opportunity at the Bielefeld Graduate School of History and Sociology. Each year the university accepts roughly 200 doctoral candidates for study. It assists with funding their research programs. The university focuses on collaboration in research.


The study of sociology can be as diverse as the population itself. The study provides its scholars with enriching opportunities that enable them to see truly how the world works. As can be seen, there are many choices and opportunities when it comes to scholarships and grants. Applicants should ensure that they read all requirements and qualifications necessary to apply for each before applying. This will curtail any problems and let them get back to the business of sociology research.

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