How Can I Increase my Value to a Company as an Entry-Level Marketer?

entry level marketer

With the proper training and motivation, anyone can succeed in the entry-level marketing jobs available in the advertising industry. Some of the most popular entry-level positions include marketing coordinator, account coordinator, communications specialist, social media specialist, and sales representative. For marketing professionals who are just starting out in their careers, the pressure to make a good impression can be intense. By following a few easy steps, anyone can take a burgeoning marketing career to the next level.

Gain Expertise

If competition for jobs is a concern, certification in the field of marketing can make you a more attractive candidate to employers. Credentials such as the Certified Marketing Management Professional and the Digital Marketing certificates provide marketers with excellent postgraduate training and show employers that they have the motivation and ambition to excel in their careers. Adding a certificate of professional training to your resume can increase your chances of being interviewed by a top company, and it can help you quickly rise up the ranks of an organization. With expert credentials and training, you can make yourself valuable to your employer by helping other entry-level marketers perform their work more effectively.

Gain Experience

Employers value education and training, but they are much more impressed by experience listed on a resume. Gaining experience in the marketing world isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Most products and services in the economy are marketed on the Internet, and anyone can learn how to create a marketing campaign on websites with huge audiences, such as Google and Facebook. According to Facebook, over two billion people use their website every month, and marketers can use online tools to focus their campaigns on a specific audience. Online marketing experience will give you perspective about the tools, analytics, and metrics used to measure success in the world of digital advertising.

Make a Plan

One of the most important tasks that a recent marketing graduate can undertake is to carefully consider his or her professional goals and interests. Corporate recruiters want to know about a candidate’s professional interests and plans for future specialization during an initial interview. Whether you want to go into social media marketing, inside sales, print media or another specialization, deciding on a career path as soon as possible can help you rise through the ranks of your profession more quickly. While it may not be possible to obtain your ideal position right away as an entry-level marketer, it’s important to stick with your initial jobs for as long as necessary to avoid leaving your employers with a bad impression.

Hone Your Skills

By attending conventions and continuing your training, you can keep yourself focused and increase your value to employers. The more effort you put into learning the craft of marketing, the more valuable you’ll be to your current and future employers. For the first year of your career, putting in extra hours of work can improve your knowledge, increase your skills and boost your professional confidence.

Marketing is one of the top job choices for professionals graduating from business schools across the country. Whether you want to be a marketing manager or a creative talent, entry-level marketing jobs give you the perfect opportunity to advance your career.

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