Can I Earn a Business Degree Online?

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Can I Earn a Business Degree Online If a working professional is interested in taking their career to the next level, he or she will often want to earn a business degree online. Why? Well, Internet-based programs are known for their flexibility and lack of face-to-face meetings. That means that the student would not have to spend multiple hours in classes every day. The problem, however, is the fact that there are a lot of other factors that make students skeptical about online programs. Are they legit in terms of degree credibility? Will they allow the student to indeed earn an actual degree? The answer to both of these questions is yes. To find out why consider the following.

Changing Expectations

When people entered the workforce a few decades ago, they did not have to possess anywhere near the amount of knowledge that they need nowadays. For instance, someone who was looking to pass the CPA exam in the 90s was usually able to do so in one sitting. In 2019, however, the CPA was divided into four sections that each carry approximately four hours and weeks of studying. Moreover, it is not even possible to schedule the entire exam in a single day. This is because the level of knowledge has evolved so much that professionals have to study a lot more. So, what happens to an employee who is already working? They will need to bring themselves up to speed on all the changes in their industry. For instance, if a business person has no professional degrees because they started working a long time ago, they will usually lack knowledge in one of the contemporary areas of the job. To overcome such problems, they tend to go back to schools in the middle of their career. Courtesy of those online programs, they can do so without losing their employment or wasting time on not working at all.

Telecommunication is Becoming the New Norm

Outside of the actual business sector, which is where telecommunication has seen some of the fastest growth thus far, institutions of higher education are also familiar with telecommuting. Almost all four-year universities offer online classes for those who may not be able to come to campus. They can instead watch their lectures from their computers or phones while completing the assignments online. Doing so gives them a telecommuting-based option for getting to a much-needed degree. Therefore, earning a business degree online is doable as the number of exceptional options is extremely high.

Trade-Offs Are Not Popular Anymore

In the past, those who are working would have to take a close look at their life and determine if they are willing to sacrifice their earnings to go back to school. Nowadays, those types of trade-offs are growing more and more unpopular as employers are becoming incredibly flexible. Additionally, according to Forbes, as many as 78 percent of academic leaders think that online degrees are better anyway. So, instead of making their workers choose between the job and school, a lot of companies simply let them do both by creating a compromise-based schedule. That allows folks to get an online degree while still keeping the same level of income. In the end, Internet-based degrees are not going to replace brick and mortar programs. Regardless, if someone asks whether they can earn a business degree online, the answer will be an unequivocal “yes.”

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