5 Career Options with a Bachelor’s in Business

5 Jobs for Graduates With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business

  • Marketing Executive
  • Loan Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Human Resource Manager

Degrees in business are broadly applicable and useful in a variety of fields. From the performing and visual arts to programming and emergent technologies, a bachelor’s degree in business can go a long way in entering a great number of fields.

According to Forbes, more than fifty percent of business administration majors land a job offer by graduation. Here are five career options with a bachelor’s degree in business.

1. Marketing Executive

The role of the marketing executive involves the oversight and planning of company marketing campaigns, team and project management, and ensuring proper implementation of marketing campaigns and materials. They often write and design copy, image and brochure content, help distribute that content, and train other marketing professionals in best practices in both profession and company. Marketing executives average a salary of $53,000 a year, usually with benefits and retirement or stock options.

2. Loan Officer

Loan officers typically work at banks and credit unions. They are responsible for the review, evaluation, and approval or declination of loans of all kinds, from home and auto to business and financial relief loans. Evaluation of loan applications includes the examination of credit rating, overall financial health, and sometimes character or professional references to support the application. Other duties include account updates and adjustments as well as report generation and collecting. Loan officers earn around $41,000 per annum.

3. Entrepreneur

For business or entrepreneurship majors that double-majored or minored in a production discipline, entrepreneurship can be a deeply satisfying route. Entrepreneurs work in every possible discipline on earth dependent on individual study and skills development and direct the day to day operations and overall vision of companies of all sizes. They are responsible for overseeing task execution, hiring staff, managing projects, and an array of other duties that come as standard fare for those running a company. The earnings of an entrepreneur vary significantly dependent on skill, company age, and industry, but on average they earn around $43,000 a year.

4. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are responsible for finding the ideal – or as close to the ideal as can be managed – property for real estate clients, both for homeowners and business owners. They manage the selling of properties for clients as well, from assessing the market value to final closing. The role of the real estate agent is largely advisory, and may also involve significant skill in marketing and promotion. This role may be ideal for business majors who minored in marketing or management. Because real estate agents often work on commission, their earnings are highly variable, but smart and savvy real estate agents can make into the six-figure mark if they work hard at their craft.

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5. Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers continually assess and fulfill a company’s talent needs as well as help manage and guide existing company talent. They conduct interviews, assess candidates via testing, evaluate interpersonal relationships in the workplace, provide mediation in the event of a dispute, and help the executive branch of a company determine how to motivate employees and keep them satisfied at their jobs. Business majors who minored in management, psychology, or sociology are ideal fits for this role, which earns on average $80,000per annum.

Each of these jobs represents a different aspect and skillset in the field of business, and each role can provide a long-lasting and lucrative career path.

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