Should I Choose a U.S.-Based School or a Global University to Study International Business Online?

Should I Choose a U.S.-Based School or a Global University to Study International Business Online?

When you’re studying international business online, you may wonder if you should look for a truly global perspective by choosing a school outside the United States. You can get an excellent international business education and a degree that will improve your career opportunities whether you study in the U.S. or across the world. However, you should know that choosing an international school often requires more research to find the right match.

Studying Online in the U.S. and Beyond

While there are certainly respected schools that offer quality educations across the globe, you don’t have to leave the country to find a first-class online international business program that fits your needs. The best online global business programs in the country offer plenty of variety, from level of study (undergraduate vs. graduate) to course lengths and term start dates.

If you’re not ready to leave the U.S. for your full education but you want a taste of international studies, look for colleges that can give you the best of both worlds. Many online global business programs allow students the opportunity to physically study abroad if they choose. Some of the top schools, like Schiller International University, actually have brick-and-mortar campuses in several other nations beyond the United States.

What’s more important than where you attend school is the quality of your degree program.

When you study in the United States, one easy way to tell if your online international business school is legitimate and providing you with a quality education is to check its accreditation. Regional accreditation is highly regarded among U.S. colleges, and schools with this accreditation are more respected than schools with only national accreditation – or no institutional accreditation.

What to Expect If You Choose an International Education

If you do choose to look at schools based outside the United States for your online international business degree, you’ll have to do some more research. Make sure the program is legitimate. Make sure it will provide you with the education – and career boost – you’re looking for. This may mean learning more about accreditation in the country where your college is based. Check its placement on objective rankings by relevant publications and media sources. However, if studying at a school based beyond the borders of the United States is your dream, it’s certainly doable. There are even advantages says U.S. News & World Report

The academic structure of college courses – even those taken online – is often different when studying at a college in another country, according to U.S. News & World Report. Precisely which differences you will encounter depend on which college you choose and which country you study in. Variations often include differences in overall teaching styles and increased amounts of learning through independent reading. Admission requirements can also differ among countries, so you should factor those differences into your education plans.

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