5 Great Online Degrees for Business Owners

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5 Best Online Programs for Entrepreneurs

5 Great Online Degrees for Business Owners  
  • Marketing
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Management
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
Want to know one of the easiest ways to take a venture to the next level?  Earn an online degree for business owners. These programs carry the same quality of education that face-to-face classes offer. Thus, you can learn invaluable information that will allow you to expand or master your area of expertise.

1. Marketing

One of the most popular online programs for existing businessmen is marketing. Advertising continues to grow in importance. If you want to build your brand, you must know how to showcase your products and services. Also, you have to understand how the constant changes in the marketing sector can impact your profitability. The most well-rounded solution is to look into college degrees that touch on this subject. As far as focusing on the online ones, most folks choose to do so because they need the flexibility.

2. Finance/Accounting

The next option is an unbreakable tie between finance and accounting. These two share a spot because it is unfair to say that either is better than the other. Finance majors still have to cover a plethora of accounting as a part of their mandatory curriculum. Similarly, those who pursue accounting will constantly hear about some basic financial concepts. That means that the business owner will come out knowing many great strategies and ideas from both accounting and finance. This can help improve the operation of their venture as they enhance budgeting and everyday spending decisions.

3. Management

Outside of technical knowledge, a successful business owner is usually going to need a lot of different intangible skills. While there are many different ones to choose from, employee management is undoubtedly towards the top. As far as why it is an “intangible” talent, it simply boils down to the fact that managing and developing workers is not a clear-cut process. Instead, it’s based on:
  • constant trial and error
  • compromise
  • personal growth
By getting an online degree in management, you can learn how to take charge and effectively guide everything from your subordinates to your entire organization.

4. Communications

Another crucial skill for entrepreneurs is communication. Unlike most of the aforementioned, those who want to pursue an online degree in this area will have to step away from the business sphere. This is because most business schools are not in charge of communication programs. Instead, this major falls under areas such as media or public relations. Two of the most beneficial outcomes will include more efficient and productive communication as well as better report writing. Business owners certainly need to master each of these skills. Getting an online communications degree could be a great idea.

5. Information Technology

According to Forbes, as many as 88 percent of all Fortune 500 companies have fallen apart in the last 63 years due to their inability to modernize. What does this mean for current business owners? It’s a ruthless reminder that failing to innovate and adopt new technology could cause their entire company to fail under the pressure of more advanced competitors. The problem, however, is  that most entrepreneurs are not software experts. That alone prevents them from knowing what type of innovation may be necessary. To combat this issue, anyone seeking an online degree could simply focus on information technology. Some honorable mentions include psychology and economics programs. In the end, almost every online degree for business owners is going to be a worthwhile investment when looking at their long-term operations.

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