5 Benefits of Earning a Business Degree Online

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5 Advantages of Getting an Online Degree in Business

5 Benefits of Earning a Business Degree Online
  • Minimizes the Need to Make Trade-Offs
  • Reduces Costs
  • Increases Direct Instructor-Student Time
  • Better Concentration
  • Less Downtime
The number of schools welcoming distant learners is increasing. The benefits of earning a business degree online remain in the spotlight. Given that this approach is still not the norm, a lot of people are skeptical and worry about such an unorthodox way of learning. In reality, there are countless upsides of choosing to get an internet-based business degree.

1. Minimizes the Need to Make Trade-Offs

The most important advantage of every online business program is the fact that it almost eliminates the need to make trade-offs. When students pursue their education, they are usually going to spend around 10 to 15 hours on weekly class attendance. They also have to spend a few more hours on:
  • homework
  • projects
  • group meetings
  • studying
When all of that is added up, one will practically have another part/full-time job. That means that they must choose between actual work and school. Online programs do not mandate in-class attendance and students can use those hours to continue working.

2. Reduces Costs

While tuition expenses for most online business degrees are in the same range as their traditional counterparts, the fixed fees tend to be a lot lower. This is because students have to watch every lecture and take every exam on the internet. Doing so means that they simply need a computer and a reliable connection. They will not be held liable for fees that cover the cost of buildings, resources, and many other expenditures that folks who take face-to-face classes have to pay. Even though these expenses are relatively small when analyzed alone, they will quickly add up.

3. Increases Direct Instructor-Student Time

A lot of people prefer taking classes online because it brings them closer to the professor. The same is true for pretty much every business degree. When instructors teach a classroom where there might be anywhere from 30 to 250 students, it’s nearly impossible to prioritize only one student.  The only way to do so is for that student to visit their office during non-class times. With online programs, however, all interaction tends to go through e-mails. That helps build a much more personal relationship and significantly increases the direct student-instructor time.

4. Better Concentration

Regardless of how well someone concentrates, taking a class alone in a quiet room is always going to be better than taking it in public with other people. Contrary to popular belief, focusing better in private has nothing to do with someone being unsocial. Forbes describes this as higher productivity that is caused by a lack of external stimuli. When a student goes to class, everything from the professor’s nonverbal gestures to other attendees’ movements can become distracting. Online courses are much easier to navigate as you can eliminate everything that disrupts your concentration.

5. Less Downtime

Finally, getting an online business degree is going to result in a much lower amount of downtime. This is tied to the first benefit that mentioned how students will not have to make trade-offs. Face-to-face courses require you to:
  • drive to campus
  • spend time in class
  • drive back home
That constant back-and-forth driving alone adds up to dozens of hours over the semester. Nearly every entrepreneur will agree that they would much rather invest that time in things like learning or getting paid. An honorable mention for the list would be the fact that internet-based programs allow you a higher degree of accessibility as you can review the material anywhere and anytime. Ultimately, however, the benefits of earning a business degree online still need to be cross-referenced with the challenges of such an approach.

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