What Can I Do With an International Business Degree?

What Can I Do With an International Business Degree

Once a student graduates with an international business degree, it is time to make an extremely important decision about the first job in their career. After all, possessing this degree gives one a lot of different options that are as lucrative as they are exciting. So, what exactly can someone do once they become alum of an international program of entrepreneurship?

Consulting Companies

The first and most common solution to this question is to get into consulting. There are various jobs within this field that range from in-house specialist positions to freelancing gigs within numerous organizations. Regardless of the nature of the position itself, the job responsibilities revolve around helping brands with international ventures.

For example, if a company is looking to lower their costs, they will often have to consider outsourcing production or finding partners from overseas. While it may sound easy, doing so is extremely complicated and gives rise to a lot of potential issues that could cost millions of dollars. Just consider, for instance, how much money Walmart must have lost during their unsuccessful endeavor to become a leading provider in Europe. An individual who has spent enough time learning the ins and outs of foreign markets will know tricks and strategies for conducting any international ventures successfully.

Help With Expansions

The next area where many operators have failed boils down to expansions. Although it is fairly similar to outsourcing, expansion means that the actual business is going somewhere, not outsourcing. This is where cultural awareness and solid negotiation skills are going to come in very handy as they help a brand overcome any barriers in communications or expectations. Someone who possesses an international business degree will certainly be able to facilitate a smoother overall process as they help bridge the gap between the two parties.

Start International Ventures

Another great career choice would be starting an international venture. For example, building an e-commerce business where products are imported or exported to another country requires a thorough understanding of cross-border laws, unwritten cultural rules, etc. People who have general business knowledge may know a few of those types of requirements. Someone who has spent years specializing in international business, however, will know the vast majority of them.

Invest Globally

For those who would like to earn a living by relying on passive income, having the ability to engage in international investing can undoubtedly help meet earning objectives. The United States-based platforms like Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange feature practically all major securities. However, Forbes points out that some foreign ETFs will certainly help diversify a portfolio. That way, the person can further reduce the odds of losing money while maximizing potential returns. International investing is also one of the most underutilized business fields for United States entrepreneurs. This is because most of them lack familiarity with foreign markets. That bodes extremely well for anyone who has an international business degree as they will possess an understanding of international trading and transaction processes.

Finally, one could always look into relocating to another country and simply start their entrepreneurial career there. While they will need to obtain some additional knowledge to do so successfully, having an international business degree will be a great starting point.

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