15 Subjects You’ll Study in an Online Global Business Degree Program

Online Global Business Degree Program Subject

15 Subjects You’ll Study in an Online Global Business Degree Program

  • Business Courses
  • Global Studies

If you’re exploring the possibility of earning your online college degree in international business, you might wonder what subjects you’ll study. Global business students study a wealth of different subjects, but most courses fall into one of two categories: business classes and global studies. Below you’ll find a description of both types of studies and examples of the courses you might take as an online global business student.

Business Courses

It stands to reason that to become a competent international businessperson, you must first understand the basic concepts and practices of business more generally. Global business students take courses in the same business subjects as their general business administration counterparts do. However, these courses are often tailored to an international perspective.

Some of the business subjects you’re likely to study as a global business student include: \

  1. Competing in the Global Economy
  2. Export Management Strategy
  3. Global Commerce
  4. Global Industries, Operations and Logistics
  5. International Business
  6. International Marketing
  7. International Trade and Finance
  8. Managing a Diverse Workforce

As you can see, many of these subjects are an international twist on common business courses like economics, marketing, management, finance and operations. Students may also take general business courses in addition to these global business classes.

To further develop their skills, students might also take coursework in international business applications, issues and case studies.

Global Studies

The other half of an international business degree is, of course, the international component. Global business students also take courses in subjects that will help them facilitate business deals, transactions and mergers across countries and cultures. These can include a mix of courses from various subjects and departments, including history, geography, political science, humanities, social science and interdisciplinary studies.

Different schools have different requirements, but course options often include:

  1. Contemporary nations courses
  2. History courses
  3. Geography courses
  4. Political science courses
  5. Social science courses
  6. Classes on cultures and religions
  7. Foreign languages

Often, these courses might focus on a single country, continent, culture or religion. For example, students might take a history course on Islam and the Middle East, a political science class on Politics and Government in Asia and an interdisciplinary course on international law.

Some online international business programs require students to take more global studies-type coursework than others. Similarly, some global business programs require you to take a foreign language or even study abroad, according to Forbes.

When you’re researching an online international business program, find out what coursework the program entails and what outcomes you can expect upon completing it. Since global business program requirements can vary widely from one school to the next, focusing on the curriculum and degree requirements of each school you consider is essential to helping you choose a program that will cover the information you need and offer the right preparation for the career you want.

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