What Kind of Job Can I Get with a Bachelor’s in Finance?

Jobs in business and finance continue to grow every year, which has many wondering what kind of job they can get with a Bachelor’s in Finance. The great news is that many jobs and careers are available to those with a Bachelor’s in Finance. Although we tend to think of banks and financial institutions when we hear the word finance, an individual with a finance degree is often an asset in many different industries. The main reason for this versatility is that finance is used in various industries and businesses. Here are a few jobs a candidate can get with a Bachelor’s in Finance.

Financial Analysts

Working as a financial analyst can be very rewarding because these professionals make their careers by helping organizations make sound financial decisions. Financial analysts spend a lot of their time researching not just the company where they work but also potential investments and market trends. They analyze different business ventures to determine the health of the investment and provide businesses with their findings. Based on their research and analysis, financial analysts advise organizations on what investments they can make to be the most profitable.

Financial Managers

Financial manager is another job you can get with a Bachelor’s in Finance. It’s also a job that requires a lot of responsibility because financial managers are the professionals in charge of an organization’s entire financial department. They handle all aspects of the business’s financial operations. They create and produce the company’s financial documentation such as:

  • cash-flow statements
  • financial reports
  • profit potential

Financial managers must be knowledgeable of regulations and laws so that they’re able to ensure the company complies with the laws. They handle both local and international financial securities. U.S. News & World Report ranks financial managers:

  • 5th in Best Business Jobs
  • 16th in Best Paying Jobs
  • 27th among 100 Best Jobs.

Management Analysts

Management analysts are the professionals who assist businesses when they need help being more efficient and profitable. They may provide help for a specific area of the business or the entire business. Management analysts don’t typically work for the company that they’re helping but rather come in as consultants. They analyze the company’s business records and provide management with an objective and unbiased opinion of what needs to be done and what changes need to take place for the company to improve its financial status and profitability.


Actuaries are financial professionals who work for companies to try to help them reduce risk and be as profitable as possible. Although actuaries may work for various organizations, they’re most commonly found working for insurance companies. To come to their conclusions, they deal with:

  • statistics
  • numbers
  • algorithms

An example might be an auto insurance company. Actuaries compile data such as a customer’s:

  • driving record
  • age
  • vehicle make and model

Using this information and data, they determine the probability of this customer costing the insurance company money.

What Kind of Job Can I Get with a Bachelor’s in Finance

Working in finance can be very exciting, especially if it’s a job where you not only make money but can also help others make money. With the economy fluctuating as it does, a career in finance can be both challenging and rewarding. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that job growth is very good for financial professionals. Earning a Bachelor’s in Finance prepares individuals for jobs in different industries and sectors.

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