What Can I Do With a Bachelor in Finance Degree?

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What Can I Do With a Bachelor in Finance Degree After getting a Bachelor in Finance degree, job opportunities in the market are seemingly limitless. This is because this degree is amongst the hardest business majors. As such, it touches on a wide range of topics that can be very useful across a ton of different markets. For instance, someone who gets a degree in finance will also carry a plethora of knowledge about:

  • accounting
  • marketing
  • management
  • general business
This is why there are many directions in which their careers could go.

Become an Investor

One of the most lucrative ways to benefit from a finance degree is to become an investor. More precisely, a trader of securities that include:
  • stocks
  • bonds
  • options
  • cryptocurrencies
  • anything that has a supply and demand in the market
While there is certainly a lot of risk with investing and living off of passive gains, those who learn how to properly research the trends may become wealthy extremely fast. Not to mention that excitement will practically become a part of the job description. Also, folks who decide to dedicate all of their time to investing will only get better with time. That may lead to an upward-slopping curve when it comes to gross earnings and net profitability.

Work in Investment Banking

Folks who prefer to keep their assets out of the line of fire can simply turn to investment banking. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary here is above $64,000. The job outlook is growing at the rate of six percent per year. While those figures are fairly close to the average for the entire nation, the odds of investment bankers becoming millionaires are much higher than they are for almost all other business majors. As far as the job itself, one of the main responsibilities revolves around helping corporations get funding and connecting investors with investees.

Invest With Someone Else’s Capital

If you would like to get into security investing, there is another option that helps avoid leveraging your own money. Start working for a capital venture or investing firm. These organizations take funds from their clients and subsequently invest them in diverse portfolios. Once those portfolios make gains, the firm keeps a percentage of the earnings for themselves and gives the rest to the client. Of course, knowing how to research will still be extremely useful. Not to mention the timeless concept of the “time value of money.”

Start a Business

Given the versatile skill set of every person who has a Bachelor in Finance, starting a business may be an outstanding way to build an excellent career. The best part about doing this is the fact that the business could be based in practically any industry. Whether it revolves around goods or services is completely irrelevant because someone’s education will allow them to quickly adapt to that market. Other benefits of owning a business include more flexibility and decision-making power. It’s possible that people will go through a lot of different jobs in this field. Doing so will let them discover something that they are truly passionate about. After all, a bachelor’s degree in finance opens a lot of doors and the opportunities are only as limited as the person’s ambitions. Related Resources:

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