5 Top Paying Careers with a Bachelor’s in Finance

  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Researcher and Professor
  • Loan Officer
  • Stockbroker

It only seems appropriate that those who major in finance hope to achieve lucrative careers following graduation. These graduates know better than others how to most efficiently budget and manage money. It takes time to build a professional framework that supports financial wealth. Here are five top paying careers in finance one can pursue with a bachelor’s in finance.

Financial Planner

Few people are naturally skilled at budgeting and managing finances. They hire financial planners to assist them with everything from climbing out of debt, to filing taxes, to preparing for major life events. A bachelor’s degree and a passing score on an exam is all that one needs to set out on this career path. It is helpful to start at a financial planning firm to build contacts and gain structured experience, but one can begin working in private practice before long. One must possess a high level of interpersonal intelligence to succeed in this role.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysis is similar to financial planning, with the difference being that one’s clients are entire organizations rather than individuals and families. Financial analysts help companies and institutions understand their budget and revenue and make informed decisions for the future. There is a great deal of research and data analysis involved, making this a great option for those who enjoyed their statistics courses. Financial analysts typically start at the associate level and then progress to senior analyst roles with larger clients and more complex responsibilities.

Finance Researcher and Teacher

An old adage claims that those who cannot do, teach. This is an archaic way of thinking; it is more accurate to say that those who do not choose to do are often the best teachers. Those who find inspiration in the concept but not the practice of finance will find success as finance college researchers and professors or high school economics teachers. Progressing to one’s full potential in this career might require earning an advanced degree down the line, but there are many possibilities for getting started with a bachelor’s. Teaching for non-profits like Teach for America, picking up classes at adult schools, and working as a university research assistant are all excellent possibilities.

Loan Officer

In this day and age, many people rely on loans to achieve their goals and meet their needs. From earning a college degree to buying a first home or car, to starting a business, many American dreams are built with borrowed money. Loan officers are employed by agencies and work with borrows to assess eligibility, complete the contract, and manage payback. This is similar to the work of a financial analyst but just geared towards the specific financial aspect of loans.


Critical thinkers and skilled risk takers will enjoy careers as stockbrokers. This role involves assisting individuals and groups with investing in the stock market. One must have a keen ability to predict financial patterns in the stock market and sharp persuasion skills to convince clients about what to do with their hard-earned money. Not for the faint of heart, this is a fast-paced career with high highs and low lows.

They say that money cannot buy happiness. They also say that money makes the world go round. Whichever school of thought you belong to, most of us agree on our goals to achieve successful careers, financial stability, and decent money management habits. These five top paying careers in finance allow those with a bachelor’s in finance to meet their own and others’ financial goals.

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