Is an Online MBA in Finance a Good Choice for Students Who Are Seeking a Professional Certification or License?

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If you’re working toward a professional license, certification or other designation in the field of finance, an online education could be exactly what you need. Both Master’s in Finance and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in finance programs can give you the knowledge and skills you need to earn your credentials. In fact, among America’s best online master’s in finance and MBA in finance degree programs are programs that prepare students specifically for attaining these designations.

Types of Professional Credentials in Finance

There are numerous certifications, licenses and registration options available to professionals in the business world. However, a few credentials are especially well-known and valuable, which is why many finance professionals seek them:

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP), issued by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), issued by the CFA Institute
  • A securities license issued by the Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA), which allows the holder to sell certain types of investments and securities

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Each of these credentials can help you advance in your career, either by qualifying you to take on more responsibilities or by making you a more impressive job candidate. Which credentials you should pursue depends on your professional goals. The right graduate finance program can help you earn the certification or license of your choice.

How a Graduate Degree in Finance Can Help You Attain Certification

It’s possible to earn your CFP and CFA credential without an advanced education. You can also get a securities license from the FINRA without holding a master’s degree. However, if you choose to earn a Master in Finance or MBA in Finance degree, you’ll learn important information and skills that can help you succeed in getting your certification.

Just how much an online Master in Finance or MBA in finance degree program will help you achieve your goal depends on the program you choose. The MBA in Finance at the University of the Southwest, for example, is tailored to students who plan to attain a securities license or CFP certification. At Northeastern University, the Master’s in Finance degree program incorporates exam preparation materials for both the CFP and CFA into its curriculum. Degree programs like these help students prepare for the often rigorous exams they must pass to earn certification or a license by covering typical test material during the course of your studies.

Earning a Master in Finance or MBA in Finance degree can improve your career in more ways than one. A graduate education can equip you with the skills you need to pass the challenging professional exams required to earn certification. Just having the degree, too, can improve your employment opportunities. A degree program intended specifically to prepare students to earn their CFP certification, CFA credential or securities license will offer double the benefits.

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