Can I Be a Real Estate Agent with a Bachelor’s in Finance?

Can I Be a Real Estate Agent with a Bachelor’s in Finance?

Becoming a real estate agent with a Bachelor’s in Finance is not only possible, but it can also be advantageous. Finance is one of the topics most individuals going into real estate study anyway. The following guide will cover:

  • what it takes to become an agent
  • why a student can become one with a finance degree
  • why finance is a good subject to study for entry into this profession.

What Real Estate Agents Do

Students who think they would like to become real estate agents should thoroughly understand what these professionals do. Their primary purpose is to facilitate and handle the selling of property, whether residential or commercial. Specific duties of particular importance include:

  • advertising available properties
  • helping clients stage their homes to sell
  • being an intermediary during negotiations and more

To do this job well, agents need to have:

  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • a working knowledge of real estate law
  • a good eye for detail
  • a strong sense of what will make any given property more appealing to buyers

This occupation is attractive for many people because of the relative ease of entry and potential to earn a high salary from commissions if agents are especially good at their job.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent

Individuals do not actually need a bachelor’s degree to become a real estate agent. This is also true for higher up positions such as realtors and brokers. Typically, only a high school diploma is needed. The path to becoming a real estate agent varies from state to state, but most require persons to complete a few courses and pass a licensure exam. Some states waive the course requirements if a student has already taken real estate courses as part of their college education. All states require agents to carry a license which usually need to be renewed every few years.

Some Employers Now Prefer Degrees

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, real estate deals are becoming more complex and some employers are beginning to prefer candidates with college degrees. Some colleges and universities do offer programs in real estate, but these are not common. Most students who want to get a degree before going into real estate will need to earn one in a related field such as business, law or finance. Even if a college degree is not required for a particular job in real estate, it can give an individual an advantage over other candidates.

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Why A Finance Degree Is Advantageous

Because a specific degree is not needed, students have more flexibility when it comes to choosing their area of study. Finance is a good choice because money and the larger market play a massive role in real estate. The vast majority of house sales fall through because of financing issues, so agents with a Bachelor’s in Finance will be in a good position to help their clients ensure that doesn’t happen. A finance degree will give students a strong understanding of how markets work, including real estate markets. This can help them become very talented and knowledgeable real estate agents. Agents who want to go on to become brokers or run their own businesses will find a finance degree useful for managing their company’s finances.

Although a bachelor’s degree is not strictly required to go into real estate, it won’t work against someone either. In some cases, holding a degree can make finding a job much easier. It’s very possible, and even a good idea, to become a real estate agent with a Bachelor’s in Finance.

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